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Reclaimer Is Here!

I really fell in love with making comics through the course of putting this book together. I tossed ideas around for years with art. What did I want to do? I thought comics at first, but sequential art was really tough, and I wasn't sure it was for me. I set up at Terrificon last year, my first year with mostly new art and a style that was more 'me.' It was hard, like all shows are, but I feel like I did OK. I had my pinups and fan art... things that I thought were cool but were all ultimately not something that I created. I remember seeing the lines that the comic creators had. The hundreds of people waiting to meet them, to get a signature or just say 'hi' to them. They really influenced people. I decided right then and there that I HAD to get my book done. I wanted those lines. I wanted to create something or be a part of creating something that had that much of an impact on people. This idea that I'd been toying around with for years needed to get completed. I made a promise to myself that by Terrificon 2022 I would have my comic done and ready.

So after almost three years, Reclaimer #1 is available today.

After writing the entire first issue back in 2019 I started putting together pages. I got about eight or so pages in to the book when I realized that I wasn't happy with it. Instead of plugging along and just getting it done, I decided to scrap the whole thing. Into the trash it went.

August 2021 I sat down to take another crack at it. I started over, and put together what I thought was a good story, and started laying out the issue. I kept at it, a panel or two a day, sometimes more in between two kids and a full time job. A few things happened between then and now, but I'm happy to say that after all this time, I have #1 in my hand and available for all! No one will ever see the time, effort and drive that goes in to making something like this from start to finish, but I hope amongst hope that someone out there somewhere likes it.

Be well!

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