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Work work work work

Gooooood morning everyone!!

Just some quick news - Changes are coming!

I added a $1 tier to Patreon - just for those who want to support my book without any of the extra stuff.

I revised the other existing tiers! Now, tiers come with a 5% AND 15% off coupon to use on ANY ITEM ON MY STORE! Additional tier rewards range from physical/digital copies of the finished book to ORIGINAL ART!

Writing/drawing/inking/coloring a comic is hard work, not to mention doing it while working a full time job and helping to raise a family. Your support helps me to spend more time working on this comic, which has been a labor of love of mine for years. I WANT TO GET THIS BOOK DONE!!

Here's the link to the latest updates on Reclaimer, which you can only see by being a Patron.

Thank you all for the support, shares and positivity. It absolutely means the world to me!

Check out the latest update on Reclaimer HERE!


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